Production 2015 for 2 dancers

"A dancer’s body never stops changing. Over time, it sculpts movement, and with every gesture, it indelibly writes history—and future history. By turns a child, then a woman, then a mother, she dances; against all odds, she lives in the moment, and then the next. She details every aspect of her life, every feeling. Pulling no punches, writing with the ink of her body. Two women, two physicalities, two paths, so different yet sharing a common journey, express their lived experience in this performance space where every choreographed movement is a hymn to the life trajectory of the women they were, the women they are, and the women they will be."

Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek

Length :

30 minutes.

Choreography :

Soria Rem & Mehdi Ouachek

Performers :

Soria Rem, Auriane Viel.

Lighting :

Jean-Yves Desaint-Fuscien

Production :

Art Move Concept.

co-production :

Théâtre de Chelles, Espace Prévert, Théâtre Les Gémeaux, Café de la danse (Savigny-le-Temple)

Thanks :

Café-Danses Bobby Sand at Savigny Le Temple (77) and le Safran à Brie