« I've always wanted to be a bird

Yet I'm afraid of heights, and the only feather I have to do that is the one that allows me to write. I'm not alone, we're a lot in there. Me, my head, my dreams and my fears. Me and my other selves, not always ok with each other. But deep down, i know we are not the only ones to feel like this. You are afraid ? Me no ... Although ... I'm not ordinary. They say that I am an original. That may be what scares me. To be a clown among others, being the only one to joke at my own jokes. It's my world, away from the outside world and surely yours now ... "

A journey through emotions

For their 5th creation, Soria and Mehdi continue to explore their imaginary universe, this time through "Fli", a lunar character both tender and crazy. The choreographers focus on the characters. Mehdi Ouachek returns to the world of clown that marked the beginning of his career and develops a humor inspired by silent films. With 5 Hip-Hop dancers, a contemporary dancer and a circus dancer, "Fli" presents the physical performance of its performers, but especially the emotion that emanates from it. Humor mixes with nostalgia. A dance and circus show for the little ones who dream big, and the big ones who want to connect with the child in them.

Front or circular

"Fli" is the company's first show conceived in two configurations: a theater format, front, and a circus format, circular. Mixing dance and circus arts, the choreographers naturally think of adapting the show entirely according to the places, while keeping the sets.
Production 2018 for 7 dancers

Length : 1h - short version 40min

Choreography : Soria Rem & Mehdi Ouachek

Performers : Jackson Ntcham, Artem Orlov, Kevin Mischel, Manon Mafrici, Ines Valarcher, Soria Rem, Mehdi Ouachek

Music : Jean Du Voyage and additional songs

Light designer : Jean-Yves Desaint Fuscien

Production : Art Move Concept company

Co-Production : théâtre LES GEMEAUX / Scène Nationale de Sceaux /direction Françoise Lettelier, CCN de La Rochelle - Cie Accrorap / Dir. Kader Attou , CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Compagnie Käfig – direction Mourad Merzouki

Thanks : Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, Café Sand Bobby of Savigny-le-Temple, French institutes and french alliances for international tours