Production 2010 for 2 dancers

After having mixed with artists on the French and international scene, having collaborated with the National Ballet in Florence, the Beijing Circus, and some of the biggest names in contemporary choreography, Mehdi Ouachek founded the company Art Move Concept with the world-renowned dancer Soria Rem, his partner on stage and in life.
They soon created two productions: Authentique Utopie, a duo with Mehdi Ouachek and Bruce Chiefare, and duo, performed by Mehdi Ouachek and Soria Rem. The couple has made its mark on the small screen with appearances on TV shows, thanks to their sensitivity and their compatibility in choreographic creation.
Inspired by the world of mime and circus arts, Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek staged a duo dealing with the theme of relationships, through the musicality of their bodies and the authentic exposure of the performers.

Length :

35 minutes.

Choreographers and performers :

Soria Rem & Mehdi Ouachek

Lighting :

Jean-Yves Desaint Fuscien

Production :

Art Move Concept.