Known as "babyson", Soria is the emblematic female figure of French break dance. Since meeting the Wanted Posse, she has participated in a number of artistic adventures with Kamel Ouali, Robbie William, Jimmy King, and Mariah Carey, among many others. Named the first-ever world champion Bgirl at the Battle of the Year in 2001, she took home the title of French champion Bgirl in 2012. Her skills, her technical prowess, and her incomparable sense of performance make her a unique, world-renowned artist. A symbol of femininity in hip-hop dance, she represents prestigious brands in their marketing campaigns, including Nike, Rexona, and Ecko Unlimited.Choreographer for Art Move Concept company with Mehdi Ouachek, she also dances for Accrorap company in "Opus 14".

Mehdi discovers break dance in the 90's. He joins the Infamous crew with which he wins numerous competitions. He developed a very personal and technical style, which led him to choreograph his first creation in 2009: "Authentic Utopia" with Bruce Chiefare. Mehdi soon rubs shoulders with the big names in the choreography of the French and international scene. He is an innovator by his singular approach of the dance that he manages to create by mixing different universes. It is recognized for example to practice the Full effect, based on the illusion of a body moving around on the ground weightlessly, with delicacy, fluidity, and precision.
In 2006 and 2007, he conquered China and Italy with splendid performances at the Beijing Circus and at the National Ballet in Florence.
In 2012, he collaborated with Andrés Marín and Kader Attou in the creation of Yatra as part of the Biennale d’art Flamenco at Chaillot. He was also Kader Attou’s assistant choreographer for the company Accrorap, in particular for its productionsThe Roots, Opus 14, and Un break à Mozart.

A complete dancer, Kevin Mischel was trained by Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon, former artistic consultant to Michael Jackson.
Specializing in Popping, Hip-Hop, and Abstract, he has collaborated with many French and foreign choreographers, such as Dominique Boivin, Misook Séo, Jérémie Belingard, Monica Casadei, and Hiroaki Umeda. He was also a solo dancer for Patricia Kaas in her concert Kaas chante Piaf. He has always tried to maintain some freedom in his dance, blending diverse styles and inspirations by working with dancers and choreographers of all origins. In 2012, he met choreographer Kader Attou, with whom he has collaborated for the shows The Roots, Opus 14, and Un Break à Mozart with the company Accrorap. He then met Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek of the company Art Move Concept, for which he danced in Nibiru. Dancing in partnership with Si’mhamed Benhalima since 2011, he performed in Existe, choreographed by Benhalima. Together, they founded the company Drive in 2016 and co-choreographed the show Soi, which marked the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. Meanwhile, Kevin Mischel is also launching a career as a film actor; most notably, he played leading roles in the films Divines, Bâtarde, and Break.

Performer-choreographer Si’mhamed Benhalima is unique in the world of dance. A product of Hip-Hop culture and a member of the group Vagabond Crew, Boogie Lockers, and Division Alpha (for many productions and battles), he has also danced for Compagnie Malka, Compagnie Nasser Martin-Gousset, Misook Séo, and, for 18 years, with José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu. He then joined Kader Attou’s company, Accrorap, for the productions Gorecki, Un break à Mozart, Douar, and Opus 14, as well as Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek’s Art Move Concept, for Nibiru.
On the strength of his experiences in choreography, he founded the company Existe in 2011 and produced his first show of the same name, Existe. He then cofounded the company Drive in 2016, in collaboration with Kevin Mischel, with whom he choreographed Soi.
On screen, Si’mhamed appears in Thierry Teston’s film La Cité de la danse, danced a duo with Kevin Mischel in the filmBâtarde , and in 2017, he was chosen to choreograph the dancers in the film Break.
Si’mhamed has always kept evolving in his dance and putting his body in play between order and disorder, line and curve. He brings his dance into play according to his personal history and the places he experiences, expanding his performance skills according to the choreography. His elegant dancing, spiced with virtuosity, examines mentalities and cultures in search of universal movement. All of this enrichment has made him a polymorphous, hybrid dancer, passing from one touch to another in a quest for a new aestheticism.

An exceptional dancer, Bruce is a model of originality and a consummate performer. A 2001 breakdance world champion with his group Wanted Posse, he then joined the companies Kafig, Accrorap, and Art Move Concept. A longtime friend of Mehdi Ouachek, the two performed a duo titled Authentique utopie in 2009. His subtle way of distorting breakdance makes him an avant-gardist in terms of his sensitivity and fluidity on the floor.

A self-taught Russian dancer, Artëm Orlov comes from Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains, at the border of Europe and Asia. He was seized by a passion for dance when he discovered breakdancing. He specializes in footwork. The victor in numerous battles in France and internationally, he settled in France in 2009.
He first joined the company S’Poart, then danced for choreographers Amine Boussa, Mathieu Furgé, Babacar Cissé, and Kader Attou, before joining Soria and Mehdi for Nibiru in 2013, then Exit in 2017 and Fli in 2018. In 2018, he founded his own company, Rodina, and choreographed his first piece, À l’intérieur de chez moi.

Jackson Ntcham is a breakdancer specializing in power moves. He initially drew notice in the battle world with Phase T and Infamous Crew, winning a number of international competitions. His technical skill and natural performance style caught the attention of choreographers like Soria and Mehdi, Christine Coudun, and Kader Attou. He joined Art Move Concept in 2013 with Nibiru, then performed in Exit in 2017 andFli in 2018. He has also danced in Black Blanc Beur’s Chroniques du périmètre and, with Accrorap, Opus 14, Un break à Mozart, and Allegria. Jackson also teaches hip-hop dance to the younger generation.

Erwan has belonged to Art Move Concept since 2010.
A well-known and versatile artist, he excels in a variety of disciplines from breakdance to abstract, including circus arts, tightrope walking, and acrobatics. His skills and determination have made him a leading light in major companies such as Accrorap (The Roots), Kafig (Yo Gee Ti), and Seo Dance Company (Contrastes).

Inès was trained as a balancing circus artist in Japan and then at the Circus School of Quebec. Rich in circus experiences, she also worked at the theater with Stéphane Hillel and Karim Bel Kacem. Her dance practice is inspired by her travels, her tours, but also her childhood spent with her musician mother at Cirque du Soleil.

Manon is a contemporary dancer who started with classical dance and jazz. Curious, Manon then discovers Hip-Hop dance and develops a hybrid style by feeding on all her experiences. Her dance is generous, passionate and open to the world. She works with Art Move Concept company since 2018 and Hervé Koubi company since 2019.